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❤️ Words are power. Words have vibrations. We are what we think ❤️


Did you know that words have strength and energy? They are strong enough to change your life in a given moment. Words can give you confidence and fortitude when said at the right empowering moment and fill your heart full of love and gratitude to get you through your day.
words on the inside ® was inspired by my mother Carol, who was the most loving person I knew. She would often tell my sisters and I – “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all,” – which wasn’t until later that I fully understood the meaning and literally took it to heart.
Even scientific data can’t deny the power of words. In a research study by Dr. Masaru Emoto, he studied the behaviors of water and how it reacted to thoughts and words. The experiment consisted of exposing water in a glass bottle with different words written on the glass such as “Love”, “Thank You” to negative words such as “Hate” and “You Fool”. The water was frozen, then later analyzed under microscopic photography to reveal the following: positive words brought on beautiful snowflake-like crystals and negative words resulted in ugly, distorted crystals.
If words can do that to water in a glass bottle, just think what words can do to our own bodies which are composed of 65% water? We think 60,000 thoughts a day. We are what we think. I created words on the inside ® tees to connect positivity to our subconscious minds. By placing encouraging words on the interior of tshirts, your body subconsciously connects with words such as: love, happy, kind, and grateful. Not just for adults, I created a special line for kids as well. Just think – if your little ones had these positive words in their daily routine, it would become their automatic way of thinking. For the spiritual-minded adults, these tees act as a daily reminder and self-hypnosis of spreading daily goodness to each other. Change your thoughts. Change your life.


Special thanks to our Awesome Photogrpher: Cliff Lipson